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IT-based strategies New media & Learning in Academia

The political and academic context is the outset for case study of IT-based learning environments and the integration of new media at the university and teaching practice. Analysis of the IT-based strategies and the practical consequences for the process of teaching, learning and evaluation will be focal points. The case studies will be composed of mapping the area, material collections, observations and interviews in relation to three levels:

1) The University management level - The faculty level

2) The colleague/teacher level

3) The teaching and learning practice level

The analysis of the different levels could further more involve comparative studies combined with broader field studies and discourse analysis of national policies and programmes.  We are focusing on different strategies and ways of establishing learning environments: the university teacher training programme, BA and MA level courses in collaboration with external partners.

On this background the further studies are accomplished as case studies at different faculties and different levels. This will give us the possibility for establishing an empirical basis for comparative analysis and for further data collection from a wide range of subjects, teachers and students at different learning activities.

The project network and the projects are based at the University of Copenhagen. The researchers all have experience in empirical research and teaching concerning organisational development, creative teaching and learning, IT-based learning and evaluation and are specialists in their own fields of upper secondary and university education.

Director: Professor Karen Borgnakke karenb@hum.ku.dk